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The World Health Academy (WHA) is an organization representing the medical profession. Its mission is:

  • To act as a directing and co-ordinating organization in the field of medicine;

  • To be a worldwide, authoritative organ of the medical profession;

  • To provide leadership on health matters, form the health research agenda, articulate norms and standards, evince evidence-based policy options, and monitor and assess health trends;

  • To assist governments and national medical associations in jointly tackling health problems and improving the welfare of their citizens;

  • To chart a successful course for health care delivery globally by articulating health guidelines and standards and helping nations address their public health issues;

  • To study and evaluate all aspects of the medical health continuum, including the development of programs approved by the officers or members, to ensure an adequate continuing supply of well-qualified physicians to meet the needs of the public;

  • To review and recommend policies for medical education, whereby the WHA may provide the highest educational service to both the public and the profession;

  • To consider and recommend means by which the WHA may, on behalf of the public and the medical profession at-large, continue to provide information, leadership, and direction to the existing governmental and inter-governmental bodies dealing with medicine and medical education;

  • To facilitate the cooperation of international and national medical societies and organizations globally;

  • To consider and recommend the means and methods whereby physicians may be assisted in maintaining their professional competence and the development of means and criteria for recognition of such achievement;

  • To issue an agenda to improve public health worldwide and a report on key public health issues and statistics;

  • To facilitate and act as the international conduit for the dissemination of knowledge in the field of medicine;

  • To coordinate and centralize communication and interaction among individuals and organizations who share an interest in the field of medicine;

  • To conduct international conferences relating to medicine;

  • To encourage standards for the field of medicine, with emphasis on students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and patients;

  • To encourage the education of students and the continuing education of practitioners and patients;

  • To establish and maintain effective collaboration with many partners, including United Nations agencies, governmental health administrations, donors, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector.

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